audiovisual series (2021)

“For a numbingly efficient world” is an audiovisual series that is the product of a research on how music and image can offer an escape from a productivity-based society.

With the aim to retrieve a connection with sensations and feelings, together with musicians Elijah Waters and Beau Zwart, LO experimented with grounding methods such as Deep Listening meditation and personal interviews. From these experiments they extracted five concepts per project that formed the foundation for the composing of songs. Synesthetic experiences that appeared during this process became the fuel for the visuals that the music is accompanied by.

With listening, trust and team work as the core elements of this research, “for a numbingly efficient world” aims to propose a dissent to a society that is driven by achievements. It offers a temporary, safe environment to experience and process emotions, a space that allows others to hear themselves.

Morph was made with Elijah Waters from the concepts: the mold, journey, surrender, confirmation and endlessness.

Break Even was made with Beau Zwart from the concepts: insecurity, the urge to prove, choices, balance and duality.



interactive video-installation (2019)

The panoptic gaze is the idea of a silent, invisible observer that subconsciously controls all aspects of life. In today’s society, the government executes this role well by using digital surveillance in almost every way possible. Citizens are filmed, tracked and profiled by camera’s and AI systems. The panoptic system determines the relationship between government and citizen.

With the installation Public Gaze we intervened in this system by adding one element: confrontation. When you want to buy a coffee, you see that you’re filmed and tracked.
Showing the live camera footage changes power dynamics which makes the citizens equal participants in the surveillance process.  

Collaboration with
Nikki Giesen

Exhibited at ECO art festival in MONO Rotterdam (2019)